With more than 30 years’ experience in the funeral industry, you can trust us with your funeral personalized needs. Regardless of religion, we specialized in planning and arrangement of funerals at easy. Most importantly, stress free for the family. At Wan World Funeral Services, we believe that everyone, no matter rich or poor deserves an appropriate funeral. With this belief, we often accept pro bono funeral jobs.

Wan World Funeral Services, is to ensure we are in time with the current needs and demands of our customers. Our professional team will provide a quality services so that the deceased relatives can complete their last journey in life in a solemn and noble ceremony, and draw a perfect end of life.

We understand that sometimes; your funeral service requirements may not fit a cookie-cutter package offered by companies like us. So, we go one step further to offer you personalization and utmost dedication in bringing you a memorable service that suits your preferences, and more importantly, a service that your loved one would have wanted.

As we thrived and expanded over the year from the commitment and dedication of our workforce, we promise to provide a quality and professional services.


Mr. Wan Kok Mun, has been serving clients for over 3 decades since its inception in 1987. Despite over 30 years of consolidation,the industry still primary consists of small, independent, family – owned operations.

It all started when I worked as a tour guide back in those years. During a trip, I get to know a man who is attached with funeral industry. Throughout the trip, our main engagement mainly about funeral industry. The highest calling is when the man shows so much of passion and interest in this industry. Being young and bold, I try to follow his footsteps. For the beginning, I engaged with Taoist etiquette who’s is also called as“Nang Miao Master” or “Nang Miao Lao”.

Mr. Wan founded Wan World Funeral Services in 2016. He sought out to preserve the traditional ways and culture of the funeral services in Seremban. He undertook responsibility for funeral arrangement and turn it into a real profession. He believes that everyone deserves a proper, memorable send off at a correct way.

Mr. Wan had been featured in local market as the creator of the funeral packages, and armed with an immerse understanding of Buddhism and Taoist practices. With the professional team and Mr Wan guidance, they are committed to provide a quality service to meet the current needs and demands of customers.

Wan World Funeral Services is committed in giving back to the people. He believes that this industry should be done not merely to recognize the passing away of loved one, but to celebrate the wonderful life this person had on earth. Cantered on the importance of personalization, and dedication, Wan World Funeral Services goes the extra mile to help you give your loved ones a dignified departure.

Life is equal to everyone, and the end result is the same. Cherish the present. Respect the dead so that their lives can be fulfilled; give the living courage to live. This is the voice of the funeral industry, and it is also the voice of Mr. Wan Kok Mun, who is the professional funeral director of Wan World Funeral Services.


We believe that in tough times, we should seek help in each other. So, while you focus on grieving the loss of your loved ones, we will do the pre-planning preparation and take care all of it.



We are always authentic, and will never pretend to be who we are not. For generations, our family has been building quality trusting relationships with our community. To maintain this trust, we uphold our values and follow through on our commitments and promises. We are committed to being honest, dependable and reliable. Rest assured, the confidential of our customers will be respected.



We pride ourselves on our work ethics (integrity) and professional responsibility. We provide expert advice and present options so that our clients can make the best-informed decision. You can be guaranteed that we will follow through with our meticulous attention to detail in every step of the way.



We do not hesitate in providing pro-bono funeral services for people who are in need of financial aid.



We are dedicated in showing concern, empathy and consideration for the needs and well-being of others. We are attuned & sensitive to the feelings of loved ones that are in mourning. The highest calling of our profession is to provide comfort during times of need. We promise nothing but empathy and hospitality during your time of need.


“Serving with Pride, Kindness & Fineness”

• Adhering to the concepts of [Serving with Pride, Kindness & Fineness] and [Service first, customer-oriented], we are committed in improving high-quality professional services and etiquette, reforms and innovations, and fulfilling everything with solemn and noble precious trust.

• Through the solemn and warm funeral process, we are helping families honor the lives of those they love. Providing a life remembered funeral/wakes in full accordance and respect. We promised your loved one won’t complain because we guarantee an excellent service with compassion and commitment. A modern service with traditional dignity.


We aspire to be the funeral director of choice for all families in our community, known for our Trust, Professionalism, Community Responsibility, Compassion & Care. To give the best consultancy and optimum assistance.


To play our part in ensuring all Malaysia families are able to give their deceased loved ones a dignified funeral, by making our services both professional and utmost dedication.

We will strive to delivery on the promise of uncompromising standards and to continuously re-evaluate our services to ensure we are in time with the current needs and demands of our customers. Our professional team will provide a quality services so that the deceased relatives can complete their last journey in life in a solemn and noble ceremony, and draw a perfect end of life.